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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ka Rilru Vak Vel Part- IV

Ni 16, October 2009, Zirtawp tlai lam a ni. Ka thian tha ber nen online-ah kan inkawm a, chutah ka thian pa chuan, “E, Bawiha, vawin chu ka tah a va’n chhuak tak ve aw, tah vak vak mai a ni ka chak!” a rawn tita phawng mai a. Kei pek la chuan a engkhaw hre lo chuan, “Het…het…mai mai a, val hi tap mai lo ve a!” ka lo tiawlsam then a. Boruak kim chang zawk ka han zawh hnu chuan a lo romantic hle mai a, bee affair avanga a tah lochhuak em em a ni tih ka han hriatchian hnu chuan a dinhmun chu ka lainat hle a. A tawngkam chhuak leh thusawite chuan ka thinlung no tak a hliam a, zan ka mut hnu tlengin a thusawite chu ka rilruah a cham a, chu ka thianpa dinhmun atang chuan ka rilru vak velte chuan thil tam tak a ngaihtuah ta a.

Friday, October 30, 2009

United Nations lo din dan leh inrelbawl dan Part-7

United Nations General Secretary hna lo thawk tawhte hming list leh thawh kumte

1. Hming- Trygve Lie
2. Pianna ram- Norway
3. Hna vawn kum- 2 February 1946
4. Hna chawlhsan kum- 10 November 1952
5. Hriat tur- Hna atanga chhuak

1. Hming- Dag Hammarskjöld
2. Pianna ram- Sweden
3. Hna vawn kum- 10 April 1953
4. Hna chawlhsan kum- 18 September 1961
5. Hriat tur- A hna chelh mek laiin a thi.

1. Hming- U Thant
2. Pianna ram- Burma
3. Hna vawn kum- 30 November 1961
4. Hna chawlhsan kum- 1 January 1972
5. Hriat tur- Asia khawmual atnaga Secretary-General hmasa ber

1. Hming- Kurt Waldheim
2. Pianna ram- Austria
3. Hna vawn kum- 1 January 1972
4. Hna chawlhsan kum- 1 January 1982
5. Hriat tur-

1. Hming- Javier Pérez de Cuéllar
2. Pianna ram- Peru
3. Hna vawn kum- 1 January 1982
4. Hna chawlhsan kum- 1 January 1992
5. Hriat tur- South America atanga Secretary-General hmasa ber

1. Hming- Boutros Boutros-Ghali
2. Pianna ram- Egypt
3. Hna vawn kum-1 January 1992
4. Hna chawlhsan kum- 1 January 1997
5. Hriat tur- Africa khawmual atanga Secretary-General hmasa ber

1. Hming- Kofi Annan
2. Pianna ram- Ghana
3. Hna vawn kum- 1 January 1997
4. Hna chawlhsan kum- 1 January 2007
5. Hriat tur-

1. Hming- Ban Ki-moon
2. Pianna ram- Korea
3. Hna vawn kum- 1 January 2007
4. Hna chawlhsan kum-
5. Hriat tur- Thawk mek

Thursday, October 29, 2009

As A Man Thinketh

By: James Smith

I have so many titles for this article running through my head. "Stinking Thinking."
" As A Man Thinketh In His Heart". "You Are What You Think". "So Go The Thoughts, So Go The Man". Let me start by asking you a few questions.

1. Are you totally discouraged right now?
2. Do you feel overwhelmed?
3. Is your mental thought process completely shut down?
4. Do you feel trapped?

I have a friend who consistently responds “I’m happy and blessed” when I ask him how he is doing. Now I like this guy, I really do. But, sometimes, I just want to say “get real" when he tells me that. I don’t know, maybe he really is happy all the time. I guess it’s possible. Anything is possible right?!

I’m going to get blasted over this article. I’m going to get tons of emails from the "Happy All The Time Crowd". They’re going to tell me I’ve gone off the deep end. They will let me know that the Christian should always be happy. It’s our right. It’s our obligation. We should always have this enormous smile that tells everyone around us that we are HAPPY.

Christians are not allowed to get bummed out. Christians, especially Christian ministers are definitely not allowed to sink to the cloud of discouragement. A minister should never allow himself to get to a place of feeling down. Right?

Sounds good doesn’t it. But in the real world that’s a bunch of baloney. Just ask the old Prophet of God. One minute he’s killing off 500 false prophets, and wishing he could die the next.

You might agree with me that most preachers are emotional people. Now some people out there are not real emotional, but most of the preachers I know are people who allow emotion to guide them. Now that’s not a bad thing. I’m convinced that the Lord has a hard time using people who are hard to move emotionally. This is why he anointed David to be king when he was only a boy. God said of David, “He’s after my heart”. Other words, he’s a person who is able to touch me with his emotion. Without emotion, David would be led of his own ideas and agenda. But, since he was a person whose heart could be touched, God said, “I’ll use him in ways he never imagined he could be used.”

Emotion is a good thing. We need to be emotional! God is emotional. Look what the scriptures tell us about him.

* He gets angry.
* He gets jealous.
* He laughs.
* He’s emotional!

We, being created in his image are allowed the same privilege of being emotional.

Am I making my point? It’s ok to be happy. It’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to be joyous. It’s ok to get mad, even angry. And for all of you who answered yes to my questions in the first paragraph, it’s ok to be totally discouraged. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. And it’s ok to feel like you are trapped and boxed in with no way to get out of feeling completely bummed out.

Did you hear me? It’s OK to feel the way you feel right now. Anyone who says he/she has never felt the way you feel right now is a liar.

Examine the scriptures and you will find heroes of the faith who from time to time were depressed, down in the dumps, down in the mouth, dismal, disheartened, despondent, downcast, dismayed, dejected, doleful, disillusioned and disappointed. In other words they were just plain bummed.

They were bummed out over their circumstances. They were bummed out over their situation. They were bummed out over all the “stuff” that was happening in their life. They questioned whether God Loved them. They wondered if He cared. They doubted He was concerned. Even Jesus on the Cross said to the Father, “Why hast thou forsaken me”.

Are you hearing me, it’s ok to feel this way.


As much as you may be relishing and enjoying living in misery, Sooner or later you are going to have to come out of your self entombed bed of misery. Hear me now, you cannot stay there. It’s a place we all visit from time to time, but it’s not where God would have you to live. I know you see no way out. I realize you are feeling numb even to His touch, but friend we have to move on.

The Psalmist 27:1,3 said “The Lord is the strength of my life… in this will I be confident.” When my strength is gone. When my inner encourager is discouraged. When I feel like I have there is no reason to press on, “The Lord Is My Strength.”

Jesus said, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. Did you know that if your mental thought process is one of constant defeat, you will be defeated. If all you see is “no way out” then there will be no way out for you. You see a man’s life is what his thoughts make of it. If you allow yourself to waller in despair, you will never see the hope of a better day.

I am by nature an emotional person. I am easily motivated by emotion. Depending on my emotional health, I am either productive, energetic and encouraging. Or I am unproductive, exhausted, and critical of people. I can be the most happy confidence builder you ever met or I can be someone who is worried and sees little to hope for. It all depends on my emotional well being.

I realize that about myself. I admit it. I confess! So, what can I do to keep myself healthy emotionally? First, let me say that the Bible says much about the mind. EX: “The double minded man. Let this mind be in you.” Why does the Bible tell us to guard our mind? Because our minds control our emotions.

Did you hear that? What goes through your mind will dictate your emotions. If you allow negative thoughts to prevail, then your emotions will run rampant with negativity.

You’ve heard the story of the farmer who had two young bulls. He asked his helper which of the two bulls would grow to be the largest. The young man guessed the one who was the largest at that point. The farmer said “no, the one we feed the most.”

Can I say it’s time to start feeding your mind. Feed it with encouraging books. Feed it with a self growth seminar. Feed it with time in prayer. Feed it by allowing your self to think outside the box. See yourself out of the situation you are in right now. Visualize the debt gone. Create in your mind a place where you can imagine all the trouble behind you. Envision a better day. Create it in your mind. Hope for it. See it. Believe God for it!

In Genesis 11, the Lord declared that a man would do whatsoever he imagined in his heart to do. There is nothing stopping you from being successful in your ministry, if you can imagine it and begin to believe God for it. Nothing can keep you from accomplishing your hearts desire if you would only start to see it through the eyes of faith.

When you preach to that small congregation this week, look over their heads and see through faith, the hundreds of people who will soon be sitting in those back pews.

At this very minute, as you reed this article, potential ideas are in your mind. By releasing and developing these ideas you can solve your financial problem, your business situation, you can care for yourself and your family, and attain success in your ministry. A steady inflow and practical use of creative thoughts can remake your live and you along with it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Middle East ram chanchin Part-1

Middle East chhungah hian ram 20 lai a awm a, chung ram zawng zawng chanchin tlangpui chu kan chhui ang a, a thupui leh pawimawhte chauh kan tarlang dawn a ni.

Middel East chhunga ram awmte:

1. Afghanistan

2. Bahrain

3. Iran

4. Iraq

5. Israel

6. Jordan

7. Kuwait

8. Kyrgyzstan

9. Lebanon

10. Oman

11. Pakistan

12. Qatar

13. Saudi Arabia

14. Syria

15. Tajikistan

16. Turkey

17. Turkmenistan

18. UAE

19. Uzbekistan

20. Yemen

1. Afghanistan

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Philosophy of Life & Communication

Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who
treat you right. Love the ones who don't just because you can. Believe
everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it
with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Kiss slowly. Forgive
quickly. God never said life would be easy. He just promised it would
be worth it.

1. Peter Drucker “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.”

2.. Unknown author " The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value. "

3. George Bernard Shaw “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

Monday, October 26, 2009

United Nations lo din dan leh inrelbawl dan Part-6

A hnuaiah hian United Nations member ramte leh an zawm kumte tarlan a ni a, original UN member tia kan tarlante chu UN din kuma member lut nghal ramte an ni bawk.

1. Afghanistan - Nov 19, 1946
2. Albania - Dec 14, 1955

3. Algeria - Oct 8, 1962

4. Andorra - July 28, 1993

5. Angola - Dec 1, 1976

6. Antigua and Barbuda - Nov 11, 1981

7. Argentina - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

8. Armenia - March 2, 1992

9. Australia - Nov 1, 1945 (original UN member)

10. Austria - Dec 14, 1955

11. Azerbaijan - March 2, 1992

12. The Bahamas - Sept 18, 1973

13. Bahrain - Sept 21, 1971

14. Bangladesh - Sept 17, 1974

15. Barbados - Dec 9, 1966

16. Belarus - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

17. Belgium - Dec 27, 1945 (original UN member)

18. Belize - Sept 25, 1981

19. Benin - Sept 20, 1960

20. Bhutan - Sept 21, 1971

21. Bolivia - Nov 14, 1945 (original UN member)

22. Bosnia and Herzegovina - May 22, 1992

23. Botswana - Oct 17, 1966

24. Brazil - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

25. Brunei - Sept 21, 1984

26. Bulgaria - Dec 14, 1955

27. Burkina Faso - Sept 20, 1960

28. Burundi - Sept 18, 1962

29. Cambodia - Dec 14, 1955

30. Cameroon - Sept 20, 1960

31. Canada - Nov 9, 1945 (original UN member)

32. Cape Verde - Sept 16, 1975

33. Central African Republic - Sept 20, 1960

34. Chad - Sept 20, 1960

35. Chile - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

36. China - Oct 25, 1971*

37. Colombia - Nov 5, 1945 (original UN member)

38. Comoros - Nov 12, 1975

39. Republic of the Congo - Sept 20, 1960

40. Democratic Republic of the Congo - Sept 20, 1960

41. Costa Rica - Nov 2, 1945 (original UN member)

42. Cote d'Ivoire - Sept 20, 1960

43. Croatia - May 22, 1992

44. Cuba - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

45. Cyprus - Sept 20, 1960

46. Czech Republic - Jan 19, 1993

47. Denmark - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

48. Djibouti - Sept 20, 1977

49. Dominica - Dec 18, 1978

50. Dominican Republic - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

51. East Timor - Sept 22, 2002

52. Ecuador - Dec 21, 1945 (original UN member)

53. Egypt - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

54. El Salvador - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

55. Equatorial Guinea - Nov 12, 1968

56. Eritrea - May 28, 1993

57. Estonia - Sept 17, 1991

58. Ethiopia - Nov 13, 1945 (original UN member)

59. Fiji - Oct 13, 1970

60. Finland - Dec 14, 1955

61. France - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

62. Gabon - Sept 20, 1960

63. The Gambia - Sept 21, 1965

64. Georgia - July 31, 1992

65. Germany - Sept 18, 1973

66. Ghana - March 8, 1957

67. Greece - Oct 25, 1945 (original UN member)

68. Grenada - Sept 17, 1974

69. Guatemala - Nov 21, 1945 (original UN member)

70. Guinea - Dec 12, 1958

71. Guinea-Bissau - Sept 17, 1974

72. Guyana - Sept 20, 1966

73. Haiti - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

74. Honduras - Dec 17, 1945 (original UN member)

75. Hungary - Dec 14, 1955

76. Iceland - Nov 19, 1946

77. India - Oct 30, 1945 (original UN member)

78. Indonesia - Sept 28, 1950

79. Iran - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

80. Iraq - Dec 21, 1945 (original UN member)

81. Ireland - Dec 14, 1955

82. Israel - May 11, 1949

83. Italy - Dec 14, 1955

84. Jamaica - Sept 18, 1962

85. Japan - Dec 18, 1956

86. Jordan - Dec 14, 1955

87. Kazakhstan - March 2, 1992

88. Kenya - Dec 16, 1963

89. Kiribati - Sept 14, 1999

90. Korea, North - Dec 17, 1991

91. Korea, South - Dec 17, 1991

92. Kuwait - May 14, 1964

93. Kyrgyzstan - March 2, 1992

94. Laos - Dec 14, 1955

95. Latvia - Sept 17, 1991

96. Lebanon - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

97. Lesotho - Oct 17, 1966

98. Liberia - Nov 2, 1945 (original UN member)

99. Libya - Dec 14, 1955

100. Liechtenstein - Sept 18, 1990

101. Lithuania - Sept 17, 1991

102. Luxembourg - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

103. Macedonia - April 8, 1993

104. Madagascar - Sept 20, 1960

105. Malawi - Dec 1, 1964

106. Malaysia - Sept 17, 1957

107. Maldives - Sept 21, 1965

108. Mali - Sept 28, 1960

109. Malta - Dec 1, 1964

110. Marshall Islands - Sept 17, 1991

111. Mauritania - Oct 27, 1961

112. Mauritius - April 24, 1968

113. Mexico - Nov 7, 1945 (original UN member)

114. Micronesia, Federated States of - Sept 17, 1991

115. Moldova - March 2, 1992

116. Monaco - May 28, 1993

117. Mongolia - Oct 27, 1961

118. Montenegro - June 28, 2006

119. Morocco - Nov 12, 1956

120. Mozambique - Sept 16, 1975

121. Myanmar (Burma) - April 19, 1948

122. Namibia - April 23, 1990

123. Nauru - Sept 14, 1999

124. Nepal - Dec 14, 1955

125. Netherlands - Dec 10, 1945 (original UN member)

126. New Zealand - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

127. Nicaragua - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

128. Niger - Sept 20, 1960

129. Nigeria - Oct 7, 1960

130. Norway - Nov 27, 1945 (original UN member)

131. Oman - Oct 7, 1971

132. Pakistan - Sept 30, 1947

133. Palau - Dec 15, 1994

134. Panama - Nov 13, 1945 (original UN member)

135. Papua New Guinea - Oct 10, 1945

136. Paraguay - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member country)

137. Peru - Oct 31, 1945 (original UN member)

138. Philippines - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

139. Poland - Oct 24, 1945

140. Portugal - Dec 14, 1955

141. Qatar - Sept 21, 1977

142. Romania - Dec 14, 1955

143. Russia - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

144. Rwanda - Sept 18, 1962

145. Saint Kitts and Nevis - Sept 23, 1983

146. Saint Lucia - Sept 18, 1979

147. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Sept. 16, 1980

148. Samoa - Dec 15, 1976

149. San Marino - March 2, 1992

150. Sao Tome and Principe - Sept 16, 1975

151. Saudi Arabia - Oct 24, 1945

152. Senegal - Sept 28, 1945

153. Serbia - Nov 1, 2000

154. Seychelles - Sept 21, 1976

155. Sierra Leone - Sept 27, 1961

156. Singapore - Sept 21, 1965

157. Slovakia - Jan 19, 1993

158. Slovenia - May 22, 1992

159. Solomon Islands - Sept 19, 1978

160. Somalia - Sept 20, 1960

161. South Africa - Nov 7, 1945 (original UN member)

162. Spain - Dec 14, 1955

163. Sri Lanka - Dec 14, 1955

164. Sudan - Nov 12, 1956

165. Suriname - Dec 4, 1975

166. Swaziland - Sept 24, 1968

167. Sweden - Nov 19, 1946

168. Switzerland - Sept 10, 2002

169. Syria - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

170. Tajikistan - March 2, 1992

171. Tanzania - Dec 14, 1961

172. Thailand - Dec 16, 1946

173. Togo - Sept 20, 1960

174. Tonga - Sept 14, 1999

175. Trinidad and Tobago - Sept 18, 1962

176. Tunisia - Nov 12, 1956

177. Turkey - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

178. Turkmenistan - March 2, 1992

179. Tuvalu - Sept 5, 2000

180. Uganda - Oct 25, 1962

181. Ukraine - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

182. United Arab Emirates - Dec 9, 1971

183. United Kingdom - Oct 24, 1945 (original UN member)

184. United States of America - Oct 24, 1945

185. Uruguay - Dec 18, 1945

186. Uzbekistan - March 2, 1992

187. Vanuatu - Sept 15, 1981

188. Venezuela - Nov 15, 1945 (original UN member)

189. Vietnam - Sept 20, 1977

190. Yemen - Sept 30, 1947

191. Zambia - Dec 1, 1964

192. Zimbabwe - Aug 25, 1980

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Khawvel mi hniam ber

Khawvela mi hniam ber Khagendra Thapa Magar-a chu October 15, 2009 khan Guinness World Records-a dahlut turin Dwarf Association of Nepal chuan dilna lehkha a thehlut a. Khagendra-a hi inch-22 chuahva sang a ni a, October 15, Nilaithawhtan ni khan a kum 18 birthday chu a chhungte nen Katmandu khawpuiah hlim takin an hmang a. Khagendra-a hi Guinness World Records-a dah luh nghal tur a nih leh nih loh hriat mai theih a la ni lova, Guinness World Records official-ten a kum zat leh a san lam fel taka an endik hnu chauva pawmtheih a nih leh nih loh hriat a ni ang.

Guinness World Records-a lut tur chuan kum 18 kim phawt a tul a, Guinness World Records- te chuan Khagendra-a hi Nepal Calender kum chhiarin kum 18 tling mah sela Gregorian Calender-a kum 17 chuah a la nih avangin Guinness World Records-a duh luh nghal mai a theih loh tur thu chu Dwarf Association of Nepal an hrilh a. Dwarf Association of Nepal chuan kum 2006 khan Khagendra-a chanchin fel takin an lo pe tawh a, hemi kumah hi chuan Khagendra-a pawh inch-20 chauh a la ni. Nikum lama World Records-a an dah luh chu Mongolia atanga Ping Ping-a a ni a, a ni pawh hi inch-29 chuahva sang a ni.

Mihring pakhat leh pakhat an inan loh ang bawkin World Records-a dah lut tur chuan darkar 10 dan zela vawi 3 teh an ni ang a, hetianga the an nihna chhan chu kum a zirin nikhat chhung lekah pawh an than dan a inan loh thei a, chuvangchuan hetianga finfiah an nih hnu chauhvah World Records-a dah luh an nih leh nih loh tur hriat a ni dawn a ni.  

YMA chuan Mizoram chhunga Burmese/Chin Census a siam

Young Mizo Association (YMA) chuan Mizoram chhunga Burmese/Chin awmzat hriatchian tumin cencus a siam a, Mizoram pumpuia YMA branch 772 atangin census an siam mek a ni. He census hi June thla atanga tan a ni a, report an dawn hmasat ber tum chuan Burma/Chin mi 6,000 vel awm nia hriat a ni.
Census branch 173-te chuan an branch theuhva Burma mi awm zat an chhiarchhuak tawh a, chumi atanga report an pek dan chuan Mizoram chhuga Burma/Chin awm zat chu mi 6375 chiah an ni. Heng zingah hian Chin hmeichia 4808 an ni a, mi pa 1567 an ni bawk. He census report-ah hian YMA branch 559 atanga report dawn a la ni lova, a rang thei ang bera report a nih tur thu YMA hruaitute chuan an sawi bawk.

Tun tum census atanga Chin mi tamna ber nia an report vengte chu Air field, Bethlehem Vengtlang, Bawngkawn, Chaltlang, Chhinga Veng, Dawrpui Vengthar, Electric Veng, Ramhlun Venglai, Ramthar Veng, Rangvamual, Vaivakawn, Zemabawk, leh Zuangtui- te an ni.

He census siam chungchang leh siam chhan hriat ni lo mah se mi tam tak rin dan chuan tunhnai Mizoram chhunga Chin mite dinhmun Human Rights Watch Based in USA-a report a thlen vang niin an ring.

YMA branch hrang hrang atanga census report pek fel pek a la ni loh avangin Mizoram chhuanga Chin/Burmese awm zat chiang taka hriat a la ni lova, mi thentakte sawi dan chuan mi 70,000 chung awm niin an sawi a, thenkhat phei chuan mi 100,0000 chung awm niin an sawi thung. Engpawhnise YMA brach hrang hrang atanga census report fel tak pek a nih hnuin Mizoram chhunga Burmese/Chin awm zat chu hriattheih a ni hmel.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mizoram kalna Rih kawng siamthat a ni

Kawlram sipai sawrkar chuan Chin State, Falam Township chhunga Rih kawng chu Chin State hruaitute kaltlangin a siam tha mek a, he road construction hi October karhnihna atanga siam tan a ni.

September 28 khan Mizoram atanga thalai rualten Rih Dil fang vel tura an rawn kal chu vanduaithlak takin accident an tawk a, inhliamte leh nunna chante pawh an awm a. Chu accident avang chuan Mizoram leh Chin State ram ri chunga thuneitu SP.C Lalthanmawia (Champhai) chuan kawngsiam that vat a nih tur thu a sawi.

October 1 khan SP.C Lalthanmawia leh Burma lama hruaitute an inbia a, chumi tum chuan he project chungchang hi an sawi fel ta a ni. Ram ri-a awmte sawi dan chuan Chin State hruaituten Mizoram a bulldozer an hawh a, Rih kawng chu feet 30-a zauvin a zauhbelh leh a. Chumai duh tawh lovin bulldozer lian pawlte pawh an hauhbelh leh a, chutiang chuan tunah beihpui an thlak mek a, November thla chhung ngeia zawh fel theih an tum a ni.
Tun hma chuan Rih kawng hi feet 10 vel leka zau a nih hmel a, khualzin leh sumdawng miten harsatna tam tak an lo tawng tawh bawk a, chuvangchuan tunah hian ram ri kalpawhna tha tak a a awmtheih beiseiin beihpui an thlak ta a ni.

Kum 5 kal ta khan Burma sipai sawrkar chuan Rih Dil chheh vela hmun leh ramte chu mimal kutah a zuar a, he hmunah hian hotel, chawdawr te leh lawngleng mawi tak tak chuan turte pawh an buatsaih a, pipeline construction-te pawh a awm bawk a, tourist-ho pawhin tlawh nuam an ti hle.

Kawlram sipai sawrkar chuan Chin State, Falam Township chhunga Rih kawng chu Chin State hruaitute kaltlangin a siam tha mek a, he road construction hi October karhnihna atanga siam tan a ni.

September 28 khan Mizoram atanga thalai rualten Rih Dil fang vel tura an rawn kal chu vanduaithlak takin accident an tawk a, inhliamte leh nunna chante pawh an awm a. Chu accident avang chuan Mizoram leh Chin State ram ri chunga thuneitu SP.C Lalthanmawia (Champhai) chuan kawngsiam that vat a nih tur thu a sawi.
October 1 khan SP.C Lalthanmawia leh Burma lama hruaitute an inbia a, chumi tum chuan he project chungchang hi an sawi fel ta a ni.

Ram ri-a awmte sawi dan chuan Chin State hruaituten Mizoram a bulldozer an hawh a, Rih kawng chu feet 30-a zauvin a zauhbelh leh a. Chumai duh tawh lovin bulldozer lian pawlte pawh an hauhbelh leh a, chutiang chuan tunah beihpui an thlak mek a, November thla chhung ngeia zawh fel theih an tum a ni.
Tun hma chuan Rih kawng hi feet 10 vel leka zau a nih hmel a, khualzin leh sumdawng miten harsatna tam tak an lo tawng tawh bawk a, chuvangchuan tunah hian ram ri kalpawhna tha tak a a awmtheih beiseiin beihpui an thlak ta a ni.

Kum 5 kal ta khan Burma sipai sawrkar chuan Rih Dil chheh vela hmun leh ramte chu mimal kutah a zuar a, he hmunah hian hotel, chawdawr te leh lawngleng mawi tak tak chuan turte pawh an buatsaih a, pipeline construction-te pawh a awm bawk a, tourist-ho pawhin tlawh nuam an ti hle.

Myanmar model leh actress Thet Mon Myint-in accident a tawk

Chin mi zinga actress lar tak leh hmel tha tak Tet Mon Myint-i chuan Video an lak/siam tumin a hmaiah hliam a tawk tih thu chu Thitsa Journal chuan a tarlang a.

Hetianga hliam a tawh chan chu indona hmuna silai muleng vel kara a tlan vang nia hriat a ni a, indona hmuna video an siam/lak lai takin silaimu perin a hmai a fuh palh hlauh mai a, sipai pakhat pawh meiin a kang tiin sipai thawk mek an director Tin Than Oo-a chuan a sawi.

Tun tuma Thet Mon Mint-i te lak video hi Burma sipai sawkar propaganda thehdarhna lam a ni a, a flim hmingah pawh “A Yon Oo Hma Phu Dih Kya” tih a ni. Mizo tawng erawh chuan “Tuk Tin Par” ti ila a sual hran lovang. Mi thenkhat chuan Policy film tih te leh thurin thehdarhna flim tih te in an ko va. Heng film lama tel tam berte chuan academy lawmman an dawng fo thin a, hetianga film siam hi academy lawmman dawng thei tura thil pawimawh tak pakhat a ni ve reng a ni.

November thla atang chuan sipai sawrkarin television hmangin mipuite duh chi tur film tha tak tak a thehdarh tan tawh ang a, film star-ah pawh mi lar bikte a hmang dawn a ni. Heng film-te hi Kawlram mipuiten an en vek theih nan man tlawm takin an buatsaih ang a, film star lar zawng zawng telna film pakhat pawh television program-ah a thlawnin an telh bawk dawn a ni.

Heng film-a an lantir tum ber tur chu Kawlram histawri-a ral an lo beih dan chi hrang hrang te, Kawlram sipai sawrkarin mipui tana thil tha a tih te leh Kawlram sipai sawrkarin mipui a humhalh ziate an ni ang a, a thlawna mipui a chawr dan te, mi tam tak a ruka a thah te leh mipui thil a thlawna a hmansak leh a laksakte erawh a tel lo chiang ang.

Myanmar-Banladesh buaina

Burma-Bangladesh-te inkarah oil and gas avangin ram ri buaina rapthlak tak a chhuak a, Burma lamin ram ri-a sipai leh ralthuamte a chhawp uai avang chuan Bangladesh pawh a thlaphang hle a ni, tiin internet news chuan a sawi a. Ram ri chungchangah Burma leh Bangladesh thuneitute chuan in remna an zawng mek a, mahse Bay of Bangal tuipui chunga Bangladesh sipai hmun chu Burma in kah a tum niin an sawi bawk.

Myanmar Celebrities-te chanchin tawi/nawi

Hei chanchin thar tawi nawi deuh deuh ka rawn share ve mai mai teh ang che u. A then chu chanchin thar em em ni lo mah se ram danga awmte tan chuan chanchin hi kan lo hre ve zung zung thei lova, chutianga la hre lo te tan chuan a tha ve thovin ka ring a, ka rawn ti ve mai mai a ni.

1. Myanmar polpular singers: Chit Thu Wai, Naw Naw leh L Sai Zi-i te chuan tun November 1 hian Thailand ram ri kianga Mai Sot khawpuiah concert an nei ang a, a en man atan ticket (yu yu) pakhatah baht pawisa 60-80 a ni ang a, (special) ticket erawh chu baht 200 a ni dawn a ni. Mai Sot-ah hian Burma mi tam tak an khawsa a, a tam zawk chu sawrkawr phal loh sumdawnna leh sawrkar phal loh hna a ruka thawkte an ni.

2. November 7 hian Myanmar model leh actress lar tak Eain Da Kyaw Zin-i chuan America tlawh a tum a, hemi rual hian a nu pawh a hruai tel ve dawn a ni. Eain Da Kyaw Zin-i hian America-ah thlakhat vel hun a va hmang ang a, chumi chhung chuan a fan-te hma hlasakna ropui tak a buaisaih ang a, interview-te pawh a awm nual dawn a ni. Eain Da Kyaw Zin-i hian America a la tlawh ngai loh avangin a hun tam ber chu Shopping nan hman a tum a ni awm e.

3. November 16-19 thleng khan Yangon President Hall (Tahmadaw Cinema hall) puiah South Korean Movie Festival hman a ni a, Full House (Chit San Eing) tih flim-a changtu nu Lee Young Eun-i pawh te ve a, Burma rama Korea movie fans-te chuan an lo kut kawiin an lo chibai nasa hle ni tur a ni. Ka tel ve lo chu pawi tak a ni e!!

4. July Ni 23 khan Chin mi zinga actress lar Thet Mon Mint-i chuan a kum 27 birthday a hmang zo ta a, amaherawhchu tun tuma a BD a hman dan chu a dangdai hle a ni. Thiantha thenkhatte leh Myanmar celebrity leh journalist lama mi pawimawh tak takte pawh sawm hran lovin FMI Monestry-a nun-hote hnenah lawmna entir nan thilpek thenkhatte a va pe a ni awm e. A sawi dan chuan, "Zan ka hmangah Mobile King Cake dawr atangin mi pakhat hian cake tui tak mai mi rawn pe a, chu cake chu chem te in ka lo zei vel," tiin a sawi bawk. Kan hnung lawk khan Video an lak/siam tumin a hmaiah hliam a tawk tih thu chu Thitsa Journal chuan a tarlang a. Hetianga hliam a tawh chan chu indona hmuna silai muleng vel kara a tlan vang nia hriat a ni a, indona hmuna video an siam/lak lai takin silaimu perin a hmai a fuh palh hlauh mai a, sipai pakhat pawh meiin a kang tiin sipai thawk mek an director Tin Than Oo-a chuan a sawi.

5. Myanmar model leh actress nalh tak, saihmarthur ang maia mawngbawr pianthiam Nan Da Hlaing-i chuan fanu duhawm tak a nei fel tawh a, chhungkua tan hun tak tak hmang mah se Art khawvel ka chhuahsan mai mai dawn lo tih a sawi a, Hlaing Production-ah hian kumkuain ka awm reng dawn a ni a ti. Nan Da Hlaing-i hi a thu ta hle tih hriat a ni a, tunah hian a body weight tihtlem tumin tan a la mek a, Mya Yeik Nyo Hotel-ah administration hna a thawk mek tih hriat a ni

6. Miss Thailand 2000,Khun Panadda Wongpoodee-i chuan Myanmar Wedding Fashion Dresses Design hmanginYangon khawpuiah calendar photos a siam a, Make-up and Designer-tu chu Toe Toe a ni e.

7. Chit Kaung, Zaw Paing, Rzarni, Thazin-i Lazy Club-te chuan Washington DC-ah September 13, 2009 thleng khan an concert vawithumna chu an chhunzawm a ni awm e.

8. Myanmar actress lar tak Soe Myat Thuzar-i chuan a pasal U Myo Min-a nena inthenna an siam fel thu chu mipui hriatah chanchinbu kaltlangin a puang a, heng mi chungchangah hian a pasal pawhin rem a tithlap a ni tih hriat a ni bawk.Mite sawi dan chuan a pasal U Myo Min-a hi US lama khawsa a ni a, chumi chhung chuan Soe Myat Thuzar-i leh Kyaw Ye Aung te hi a rukin an lo inzui ni awm tak ni tur a ni. Chu chanchin chu a pasal U Myo Min-an a hriatin a pawmthei tawh lo a nih an ring.

9. Myanmar singer popular thenkhatte leh Lazy Club te chuan USA-ah concert hrang hrang an buatsaih a, Zaw Paing-a pawh a khawsak dan eng eng emaw avangin mite sawichiat a hlawh nasa hle a, Zaw Paing-a hian USA-ah “Bawihte” tih tur thar neiin leng dang a chai ta zawk em ni ang aw!? tih te in mi thenkhat phei chuan an sawi sep sep a ni awm e. Yangon-a a kalsan tak a nupui Mi Mi-i pawh a rilru a hah vel hle a ni awm a, a fa hmasa ber lo piang pawh vanduaithlak takin a chiat phah tiin an sawi bawk.

Friday, October 23, 2009

United Nations lo din dan leh inrelbawl dan Part-5

United Nations member ni ve lo ramte

Khawvela ram tam zawk chu United Nations member an ni a, tunah hian dil mek leh membership dil duh miah lo ramte pawh an awm bawk a ni. United Nations member ni ve lo ram thum an awm a, chungte chu Kosovo, Taiwan leh Vatican City/ Holy See-te an ni.

1. Kosovo

Kum 2008, February khan Kosovo chuan Serbia atangin zalenna a puang a, amaherawhchu a ram chhunga buaina chi hrang hrang a la awm fo avangin leh United Nations-in dan a siamte a la zawh famkim theih loh avangin United Nations pawhin member atan a pawm nghal thei mai lo a ni.

2. Taiwan

Kum 1945, October 24 atang khan Taiwan (Republic of China) chuan United Nations a zawm tawh a, nimahsela U.S. leh ram tam zawkten China ram (People’s Republic of China) atanga independence a puan chu an pawmpui mai theih loh avangin kum 1971, October 25, khan United Nations membership atanga thai bovin The People Republic of China (Main Land) chuan a rawn thlak ta a ni.

3. Vatican City/Holy See

Vatican City hi khawvel ram dinchhuah anga din a ni ve hran lova, kum 1929 khan Roman Catholic Kohhran hrauaitu lu ber (Pope ) leh a hnuaia rawngbawltu (papal) mi 771-te chenna atang din a ni. Pope leh papal-te chu Pathian rawngbawl tura inserh hrang an nih ang bawkin khawvel thiltihna eng eng eawm nena inzawmna/inkaihhnawihna neih an duh loh avangin United Nations mai bakah international organization reng reng pawh an zawm lo a ni.

Hriatbelh tur:

1. Antarctica hian sawrkarna mumal tak a la neih loh avangin United Nations chuan member atang a la pawm thei lo a ni.

2. Western Sahara
He thlaler ramah hian political avanga buaina tam tak a chhuah avangin leh awmtu bik political-te duh duha kaihhruai a la nih avangin UN chuan member atan a la pawi thei bawk lo a ni.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ka Rilru Vak Vel Part-III

October 12, 2009, Thawhtan zan a ni. Philippine lama thian tha ber, tlangval fel tak leh mawng zang tak Dingtea chuan, “E thian pa, zanin chu lung a va leng ve aw!” tih mi rawn hrilh a. “Mai mai a, engin nge i lung tileng ni, Bawiha?” tiin ka han zawt a, “Ka hawi velah engkim mai hian ka lung mi len,” a rawn ti chu, “Het,…..mak awm ve a!” ka ti a, “Khawvelah hian kan hriat loh thilmak pui pui hi a lo tam zawng a ni e,” a ti chu sawi tur dang reng ka hre tawh lo.

Zanin chu ka taksa a chau deuh nge pawh ka hre lo. Ka rilru vak vel paw’n thil tam tak a ngaihtuah hleithei lova, thlasik puanpui zawnpui tur samsei lamte a va ngaituah ta mai mai a, chuti rual rualin kan Zonun hmasawn zela nupui pasal kan inzawn dan te, economic crisis avanga mimal, chhungkua, kohhran leh khawtlanga harsatna lo awm te, chumi kal zelina kan Zonun a nghawng dante pawh phak ang tawh chuan a va ngaihtuah a, chu thlirna atang chuan ka rilru vak vel chuan zawhna tam tak a siam ta teuh mai a. Zofate hi tribal society atanga industrial stage-a chuangkai mek kan ni kan tih laiin nupui pasal inthen kan tam em em mai hi nupui pasal kan inzawnna kawngah kan fimkhur tawk lo nge? Nupui pasal inthen hi thil pawi tak a ni tih kan dawn chiang lo zawk?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Famous Qoutes About Leadership

1. Peter Drucker “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

2. Napoleon "Once leadership breaks down, even the most generous ideals go away."

3. Jagat S. Bright, Leadership, Nobody's Monopoly"Given time and tide, backed by effort and will, even the meanest man can become the greatest leader of the world. As an acorn can become a mighty oak, so a little babe can become a captain of humanity."

4. Adolf Hitler "The art of leadership consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention."

5. Ralph Nader "The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers."

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Nobel Prize in Physics (2009)

The Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded 103 times to 187 Nobel Laureates between 1901 and 2009. John Bardeen is the only Nobel Laureate who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics twice, in 1956 and 1972. This means that a total of 186 individuals have received the Nobel Prize in Physics.

The Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to 183 individuals since 1901. (John Bardeen was awarded the prize in both 1956 and 1972.)


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Sunday, October 18, 2009

United Nations lo din dan leh inrelbawl dan Part-4

Kum 2009 UN budget atanga tanpuina pe tam ber Member ramte (% of UN budget)

1. United States- 22.00%
2. Japan- 16.624%
3. Germany- 8.577%
4. United Kingdom- 6.642%
5. France- 6.301%
6. Italy- 5.079%
7. Canada- 2.977%
8. Spain- 2.968%
9. China- 2.667%
10. Mexico- 2.257%
Member dangte tanpuina- 23.908%

United Nations Agencies Pawimawhte

1. FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)
a) Agenct- Rome, Italy
b) Headquarter- Senegal
c) Head- Jacques Diouf
d) Din kum- 1945

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ka Rilru Vak Vel Part-II

October 9, 2009 Zirtawp zan dar 11:00 a ni. Malaysia lama thianpa Himte-an, “Sipai bang putar i va ang ve a,” tia Facebook lama comment mawihnai tawk tak min pek ka han chhiar zawh hnu chuan Geneva khawpui lama kan hotu nu nen human rights leh civil rights chuangchang te, human trafficking chungchangte leh chutiang tana tawngtai tur a nih thute kan sawi melh melh hnu chuan ka thinlung vak vel chuan tlang tin mual tin a fang kual a, khawvel histawri-a hnam ropui kan tihte hmasawnna leh tlakhniamna te chu a va ngaihtuah a, chuta ka rilru vak velin thil pawimawh tak mai pakhat a va hmuhchhuah chu hei hi a ni: “Mimal, society, kohhran leh khawtlang, ram leh hnam tinten nitina kan thiltih leh tawn, a chhia emaw a tha emaw reng reng hi kan stawri mai an ni lova, kan histawti an ni vek zawk dawn a ni,” tih hi a ni.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ka Rilru Vak Vel Part- I

Zan dar 11 a ni ta. Mu tura ka han intimtuah chu muthei ta reng reng lo chuan ka letkual ka letkual a, chutah rilruin engeng emaw a dap ruai ruai a, Iran Nuclear Program chungchanga khawvel hruaitute ngaihdan te, Israel leh Palestine-te inkara buaina kal zel te, South-North Korea-te inkara inhmuhthiam lohna te, U.S. Healthcare Reform kal zel dan tur te, India, Pakistan leh Afghannistan-a terrorist-ho chet dan te, South East Asia-a natural disaster avanga chhiatna rapthlak tak lo thleng mek te, kum 2010-a World Champion Cup lo awm tur te, kan Burma rama general election lo awm tura kan ram dinhmun inlumlet dan tur te leh Burma rama democracy dik tak kan dintheih chuang si loh chuan Burma ramah hian eng beisei tur nge kan neih tawh chuang ni le tihte chu ka rilru vak vel chuan a ngaihtuah reuh reuh va, a tawp bera ka rilru ril taka lo lang, mahse fiah taka ka hmuhtheih mai si loh kan Zofate hmathlir leh kan society hian khawi kawng nge a zawh mek a, kan histawri hi engangin nge a rawn inher danglam zel dawn tihte chu ka zuk ngaihtuah neuh neuh bawk a, heng hun harsa leh manganna thlipuiin min chhemkual mek lai hian kan Zonun mawi hi engangin nge kan kenkawh zel ang a, kan thlenna ram apianga khua leh tui tha, mite zahtlak leh entawntlak hnam kan nih theih nan kan pipute ro leh thurochhiah zinga engte nge vawn rengtlak ni ang, kan Zonun mawi humhalh tur hian thang leh tharten eng mawhphurhna nge kan neih tihte chu ngaituahin ka rilru chu thlipuiin tuipui a nuai ang maiin leh lam leh lamah a fawn kual a, tuma hriatpui si lohvin a rum hum hum mai a ni.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine

In 1901, Emil von Behring was awarded the first Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work on serum therapy, particularly for its use in the treatment of diphtheria. The Nobel Prize in Medicine has subsequently highlighted a number of important discoveries including penicillin, genetic engineering and blood-typing.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to 192 persons since 1901.

• 2008 - Harald zur Hausen, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Luc Montagnier
• 2007 - Mario R. Capecchi, Sir Martin J. Evans, Oliver Smithies
• 2006 - Andrew Z. Fire, Craig C. Mello
• 2005 - Barry J. Marshall, J. Robin Warren
• 2004 - Richard Axel, Linda B. Buck
• 2003 - Paul C. Lauterbur, Sir Peter Mansfield
• 2002 - Sydney Brenner, H. Robert Horvitz, John E. Sulston
• 2001 - Leland H. Hartwell, Tim Hunt, Sir Paul Nurse
• 2000 - Arvid Carlsson, Paul Greengard, Eric R. Kandel
• 1999 - Günter Blobel
• 1998 - Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro, Ferid Murad
• 1997 - Stanley B. Prusiner
• 1996 - Peter C. Doherty, Rolf M. Zinkernagel
• 1995 - Edward B. Lewis, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, Eric F. Wieschaus
• 1994 - Alfred G. Gilman, Martin Rodbell
• 1993 - Richard J. Roberts, Phillip A. Sharp
• 1992 - Edmond H. Fischer, Edwin G. Krebs
• 1991 - Erwin Neher, Bert Sakmann
• 1990 - Joseph E. Murray, E. Donnall Thomas
• 1989 - J. Michael Bishop, Harold E. Varmus
• 1988 - Sir James W. Black, Gertrude B. Elion, George H. Hitchings
• 1987 - Susumu Tonegawa
• 1986 - Stanley Cohen, Rita Levi-Montalcini
• 1985 - Michael S. Brown, Joseph L. Goldstein
• 1984 - Niels K. Jerne, Georges J.F. Köhler, César Milstein
• 1983 - Barbara McClintock
• 1982 - Sune K. Bergström, Bengt I. Samuelsson, John R. Vane
• 1981 - Roger W. Sperry, David H. Hubel, Torsten N. Wiesel
• 1980 - Baruj Benacerraf, Jean Dausset, George D. Snell
• 1979 - Allan M. Cormack, Godfrey N. Hounsfield
• 1978 - Werner Arber, Daniel Nathans, Hamilton O. Smith
• 1977 - Roger Guillemin, Andrew V. Schally, Rosalyn Yalow
• 1976 - Baruch S. Blumberg, D. Carleton Gajdusek
• 1975 - David Baltimore, Renato Dulbecco, Howard M. Temin
• 1974 - Albert Claude, Christian de Duve, George E. Palade
• 1973 - Karl von Frisch, Konrad Lorenz, Nikolaas Tinbergen
• 1972 - Gerald M. Edelman, Rodney R. Porter
• 1971 - Earl W. Sutherland, Jr.
• 1970 - Sir Bernard Katz, Ulf von Euler, Julius Axelrod
• 1969 - Max Delbrück, Alfred D. Hershey, Salvador E. Luria
• 1968 - Robert W. Holley, H. Gobind Khorana, Marshall W. Nirenberg
• 1967 - Ragnar Granit, Haldan K. Hartline, George Wald
• 1966 - Peyton Rous, Charles B. Huggins
• 1965 - François Jacob, André Lwoff, Jacques Monod
• 1964 - Konrad Bloch, Feodor Lynen
• 1963 - Sir John Eccles, Alan L. Hodgkin, Andrew F. Huxley
• 1962 - Francis Crick, James Watson, Maurice Wilkins
• 1961 - Georg von Békésy
• 1960 - Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet, Peter Medawar
• 1959 - Severo Ochoa, Arthur Kornberg
• 1958 - George Beadle, Edward Tatum, Joshua Lederberg
• 1957 - Daniel Bovet
• 1956 - André F. Cournand, Werner Forssmann, Dickinson W. Richards
• 1955 - Hugo Theorell
• 1954 - John F. Enders, Thomas H. Weller, Frederick C. Robbins
• 1953 - Hans Krebs, Fritz Lipmann
• 1952 - Selman A. Waksman
• 1951 - Max Theiler
• 1950 - Edward C. Kendall, Tadeus Reichstein, Philip S. Hench
• 1949 - Walter Hess, Egas Moniz
• 1948 - Paul Müller
• 1947 - Carl Cori, Gerty Cori, Bernardo Houssay
• 1946 - Hermann J. Muller
• 1945 - Sir Alexander Fleming, Ernst B. Chain, Sir Howard Florey
• 1944 - Joseph Erlanger, Herbert S. Gasser
• 1943 - Henrik Dam, Edward A. Doisy
• 1942 - The prize money was with 1/3 allocated to the Main Fund and with 2/3 to the Special Fund of this prize section
• 1941 - The prize money was with 1/3 allocated to the Main Fund and with 2/3 to the Special Fund of this prize section
• 1940 - The prize money was with 1/3 allocated to the Main Fund and with 2/3 to the Special Fund of this prize section
• 1939 - Gerhard Domagk
• 1938 - Corneille Heymans
• 1937 - Albert Szent-Györgyi
• 1936 - Sir Henry Dale, Otto Loewi
• 1935 - Hans Spemann
• 1934 - George H. Whipple, George R. Minot, William P. Murphy
• 1933 - Thomas H. Morgan
• 1932 - Sir Charles Sherrington, Edgar Adrian
• 1931 - Otto Warburg
• 1930 - Karl Landsteiner
• 1929 - Christiaan Eijkman, Sir Frederick Hopkins
• 1928 - Charles Nicolle
• 1927 - Julius Wagner-Jauregg
• 1926 - Johannes Fibiger
• 1925 - The prize money was allocated to the Special Fund of this prize section
• 1924 - Willem Einthoven
• 1923 - Frederick G. Banting, John Macleod
• 1922 - Archibald V. Hill, Otto Meyerhof
• 1921 - The prize money was allocated to the Special Fund of this prize section
• 1920 - August Krogh
• 1919 - Jules Bordet
• 1918 - The prize money was allocated to the Special Fund of this prize section
• 1917 - The prize money was allocated to the Special Fund of this prize section
• 1916 - The prize money was allocated to the Special Fund of this prize section
• 1915 - The prize money was allocated to the Special Fund of this prize section
• 1914 - Robert Bárány
• 1913 - Charles Richet
• 1912 - Alexis Carrel
• 1911 - Allvar Gullstrand
• 1910 - Albrecht Kossel
• 1909 - Theodor Kocher
• 1908 - Ilya Mechnikov, Paul Ehrlich
• 1907 - Alphonse Laveran
• 1906 - Camillo Golgi, Santiago Ramón y Cajal
• 1905 - Robert Koch
• 1904 - Ivan Pavlov
• 1903 - Niels Ryberg Finsen
• 1902 - Ronald Ross
• 1901 - Emil von Behring

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Inchei dan mawi

By: Eden Thara

Khawvela cheng hringfa tam zawkte lungkham leh buaipui ber chu he kan taksa thuam mawitu a tana silh leh fen chi hrang hrang han dap kual vela,tute emaw hma a han in penparh vel hi kan nun hlimna chi khat a lo ni ve reng mai le!

Kan pi leh pute hun han thilr kir i la saruaka an awm lai hriat tur a awm lo na a silh leh fen lamah chuan an hniam hle tih erawh a lang. Hmeichhiaten siapsuap an feng a,mipaten hnawkhal fengin hun rei tak chu an lo khawsa tih chu a hiata. La deh an lo thiam chhova,tichuan mahni kutchhuak ngei ha in an lo changkang chho hrat hrat zela. Mipaten kekawr leh kamis an hak tanna chu Mizorama Chanchin tha a lko luh hunah niin a lang.

Mizorama Chanchin Tha a lo luh leh tun in kar hi hun eng emaw tichhung chauh a la ni a. Mahse vawin ni a Zofate silh leh fen khai hi han thlir i la,khawvel level chu sawih loh Film Star mi chungnungte kan pha tlat mai. Kawng leh lamah chuan a lawmawm rual rualin kan dul leh lu chang hi lianin vaitamin kan tlachham ang tih erawh a hlauhawm tak a ni.

Hnam tinte hian Sakhua vawn leh Culture kan nei veka. Chutah mahni in hriatchian hi a pawipawh tak meuh a ni. Mahni nihna piah lama han in tih styl vak pawh hi mi nuihzat hlawhna mai a ni.Kan khawsakna a hun leh a hmun hi thlirthiam a tula,tehkhin nan Biakin chhung leh pawn lam leng veivahna te,hnam dang kara han khawsak dan te, Chinis leh Sapho pawhin an ha a lawm tih mai vanga han in bel ve ringawt pawh hi a fuh ber lem lo,kan chezia leh sum paiin pha mahse kan chhungril nunin a pha leh si lo; paten greap thur an ei a fate ha a tim tih hi hriat a tha. Nangah tim lo mah la thlirtute ha a tima chaw tak a thial hleih theih tawh loh.
A nihna takah chuan,Zofate hian inchei dan mumal kan nei lova,hnam dang zaithiam leh film star te inchawina kan hmuh ang anga inchei kan tum njiin a lang. Mahni sakhuana zawna kal Musilim-hote hi han thlir i la, an silhfen khaiah an hnam nun leh an sakhuana a langa a ruk tein an zahawm riau. Dress For Success tih lehkhabu ziaktu John T.Molloy-ah chuan,"kan inchei dan hian kan mitawhteah kan nihna a pho langa, min dawnsawn dan thlengin nasa takinnghawng a nei a ni", A ni tak a, kan inchei danah hian kan rilru put hmang a langa, ka ha ve mai mai a lawm i tih chuan mi pawhin ka zui ve mai mai a lawm an ti ang che. In inchei danah hian i hnam nun leh i sakhuana lang se la,i chhungril taka i duh i body nen a inmil khai thiam ang che. Mahni tan chauhva inchei kan ni lova thlirtute tan a ni zawk mah a,ramhnuai mi awm lohna a han inchei hliau hliau hi chu har tak a ni. Pangpar mawina pawh hi a mahah mai a ni lova thlirtute mitah a ni zawk.

Tunlaiah silh leh fen chi hrang hrang mawi tak tak,tha tak tak a rawn chhuak zung zung tawh mai a, Nitin eichawp in zawng tan chuan engtikah nge ka hak ve theih ang aw tiin ha hipin kan thlir tlawk tlawka. Mahse incheina mawi ber,tlawm si,tha si leh tlo bawki si,mirethei leh mi hausa pawhin ang khata kan hak tlan za theih awm chhun chu NUNGCHANG MAWI hi a lo ni. Nungchang mawina chuan puan mantlawm pawh a timawi thei a, nungchang mawi lo erawh chuan puan mam tam tak tak pawh inbel mahse hlutna a nei lova,mawina a nei hek lo,miin a hatu aiin a thawmhnaw an duh zawk zel.
Nungchang mawina chuan pawn lam mai ni lovin chhungril nun a hneh a,engang thawmhnaw pawh inbel mahse inhmeh lo a nei lo. Ka aw hi Jakoba aw ni mahse,Esaua thuam ka inbel si chuan ka pa hmaah malsawmna dawng tlak ka la ni tho mai. He ka lei taksa hi hi ti te mah nise Christa silhfena thuam ka nih si chuan,nitinin a mawi zual deuh deuh zel a nga chatuan thlengin a chuai leh tawh ngai lovang.

Monday, October 12, 2009

United Nations lo din dan leh inrelbawl dan Part-3

United Nations-in a tum ber chu international law & security chuangchanga thawhhona neih, economic social chungchanga ramtinte tanruala khawvel tihhmasawn, international civil human rights ngai pawimawh a, khawvela remna leh muanna thlentirte an ni.

United Nations-ah hian inawmna chi hrang hrang a awm leh a, a thupui ber leh pawimawh ber chu General Assembly kan tih hi a ni. The Security Council-in a hnapui ber chu khawvela remna leh muanna (peace & security) chungchanga rorel a ni a, The Economic & Social Council erawh chuan economic leh social lama khawvel dihhmunin hma a sawn zel theih nana thawhho va, tanrualte a ni thung a ni thung. The Secretariat lam chuan ram hrang hranga harsatna leh buainate endik a, United Nations rorelna sanga agenda thehluh a, harsatna leh buaina tawk ramte mamawh leh tulte hriattir a ni bawk.

The International Court of Justice chua n rorelna lam hna a vuam ve thung a, international dam zawm duh lo mimal leh ramte chu United Nations dan siam angin an chungthu an rel mai thin a ni. Heng bakah hian The World Health Organization (WHO) te, The World Food Programme (WFP) te leh the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) te an la awm a, heng organization-te hian khawvela harsatna leh buaina tawk ramte chu a tul dan ang zelin tanpuina an pe a, regugee lo humhalh te, ralthuam hlauhawm laka invent tawnna dan (disarmament & non-proliferation) te, terrorism hmachhawn dan (Counter Terrorism)-te leh Khawvel Indopui II laia boom la puak lo te tihfai te thlengin thang leh tharte tan zalenna, remna leh muanna khawvel chu siam tumin zau takin hna a thawk a ni.

United Nations hnuaia thil pawimawh awm leh te chu peacekeeping, peacebuilding, conflict prevension an tih te leh humanitarian assistance an tih te a ni. Heng organization-te hnapui ber chu indona rama ralveng tura sipai tawn te, mipui mangang lo humhalh te leh natural disaster (lirnghing, tuilian, leimin, etc) avanga harsatna tawk ramte a tul dan ang zela tanpuina pekte an ni.

1. Membership- Ram 192
2. UN din kum- October 24, 1945
3. Peacekeeping operation awm zat- 16
4. Kum 2008-2009 budget an siam zat- USD 4.171 billion ( NB: Peacekeeping budget telh a ni lo)
5. October 24, 1945 chu United Nations din kum a nih avangin October 24 chu United Nations Day atan October 31, 1947 khan UN Danpui 168 (II) chuan a nemnghet a ni.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boombing the Moon

Embedded video from CNN VideoNASA-ho chuan Lunar CRater Observing and Sensing Sattelite (LCROSS) an tih boom puakthei hlauhawm tak missile chu Atlas V an tih rocket chuan Thla leilungah an va kapkai a, he LCROSS hmang hian Thla leilung chhim lam an tipuak ang a, Thla leilungah hian tui leh vurte a awm leh awm loh an va finfiah dawn a ni,” tiin Thaindian News chuan October 9, 2009 khan a tarlang a.