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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Silk- by Samuel Merwin (Translated-into-Burmese-by-Dagon-Shwe-Myar)

Download Here >>> Silk-by-Samuel-Merwin-Translated-into-Burmese-by-Dagon-Shwe-Myar

Tahan Times Journal- Vol-2-No-5-Sep-3-2012

Download Here >>> Tahan-Times-Journal-Vol-2-No-5-Sep-3-2012

Weekly Eleven-Vol-8-No-11-Dec-19-2012

Download Here >>> Weekly-Eleven-Vol-8-No-11-Dec-19-2012

Applied AutoCAD- 3D-Modeling

Download Here >>> Applied-AutoCAD-3D-Modeling-by-Robert-Tin-Aye

Easy Computer-Basic by Myo Thura (Burmese Version)

Download Here >>> Easy-Computer-Basic (Burmese Version)

T-E-F-Zirtirna Chungchanga SEC Thuchhuah-1997

Download Here >>> T-E-F-Zirtirna-Chungchanga-SEC-Thuchhuah-1997


Download Here >>> 7-Day-News-Vol-11-No-36-Nov-15-2012

Robinson Crusoe-by Daniel Defoe (Translated-into-Burmese-by-Dagon-Shwe-Myar)

Download Here >>> Robinson-Crusoe-by-Daniel-Defoe-Translated-into-Burmese-by-Dagon-Shwe-Myar

Mizo hmeichhiate leh pastor hna- by P.C. Lalropuia

Download Here >>> Mizo-hmeichhiate-leh-pastor-hna-by- P.C. Lalropuia

Tahan Times Journal- Vol-2-No-4-Aug-16-2012

Download Here >>> Tahan-Times-Journal-Vol-2-No-4-Aug-16-2012

Weekly Eleven-Vol-8-No-10-Dec-12-2012

Download Here >>> Weekly-Eleven-Vol-8-No-10-Dec-12-2012

YokeTuh Chein Sa- by-Dagon Shwe Myar

Download Here >>> YokeTuh-CheinSa-by-Dagon Shwe Myar

Maukkha Eductioanal Magazine- No-8-Dec-2010

Download Here >>> Maukkha-Eductioanal-Magazine-No-8-Dec-2010

Friday, February 22, 2013

MSSU- Awm Dan Mawi Leh Nun Dan Tha by Malsawmkima

Download Here >>> MSSU- Awm Dan Mawi Leh Nun Dan Tha by Malsawmkima

Sawya Tetpyin & Others Stories by Dagon Shwe Myar

Download Here >>> Sawya-Tetpyin & Others Stories

7-Day News- Vol-11-No-35-Nov-8-2012

Download Here >>> 7-Day-News-Vol-11-No-35-Nov-8-2012

Mizoram Presbyterian Kohhran- Social Front Kaihhruaina

Download Here >>> Mizoram-Presbyterian-Kohhran-Social-Front-Kaihhruaina

Tahan Times Journal- Vol-2-No-2-July-16-2012

Download Here >>> Tahan-Times-Journal-Vol-2-No-2-July-16-2012

Teach Yourself Java Programming-by Aye Aye Hlaing

Download Here >>> Teach-YourSelf-Java-Programming-by-Aye-Aye-Hlaing

Tahan Times Journal- Vol-2-No-3-July-30-2012

Download Here >>> Tahan-Times-Journal-Vol-2-No-3-July-30-2012

Lords of the Sun-Set- by Maurice Collis- (Translated-into-Burmese-by-Kyaw-Aung)

Download Here >>> Lords-of-the-Sun-Set-by-Maurice-Collis-Translated-into-Burmese-by-Kyaw-Aung

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MSSU- 2011- Puitling Sunday School Zirlai- Chhandamna

Download Here >>> MSSU- 2011-Puitling-Sunday-School-Zirlai-Chhandamna

Tahan Times Journal- Vol-2-No-1-June-30-2012

Download Here >>> Tahan-Times-Journal-Vol-2-No-1-June-30-2012

7-Day News- Vol-11-No-34-Nov-1-2012

Download Here >>> 7-Day-News-Vol-11-No-34-Nov-1-2012

Maiwa's Revenge- By: Sir H. Rider Haggard (Translated into-Burmese by Dagon Shwe Myar)

Download Here >>> Maiwa-s-Revenge-by-Sir-H-Rider-Haggard-Translated-into-Burmese-by-Dagon-Shwe-Myar

Ringtu nun thanlenna by Ellis H. Pachuau

Download Here >>>> Ringtu-nun-thanlenna-by-Ellis H. Pachuau-2009

Weekly Eleven-Vol-8-No-8-Nov-28-2012

Download Here >>> Weekly-Eleven-Vol-8-No-8-Nov-28-2012

Amazing Video- Just tyr to close Your Mouth while Watching this video

Explanation of Politics by Aung San

Download Here >>> Explanation-of-Politics-by-Aung-San

The Secret of Maung Chhan Ta's Success

Download Here >>> The-Law-of-Success-Vol-1-MM-Teashop
Credit to: MM Teashop

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tahan Times Journal- Vol-1-No-24-June-17-2012

Download Here >>> Tahan-Times-Journal-Vol-1-No-24-June-17-2012

Obama - Gangnam Style [HD]

Adobe Illustrator CS4-Digital Classroom- (English Version)

Download Here >>> Adobe-Illustrator-CS4-Digital-Classroom-English-Version

Theology 101 (English Version)

Download Here >>> Theology-101-English-Version


Download Here >>> 7-Day-News-Vol-11-No-32-Oct-18-2012

Maukkha Educational Magazine-No-6-May-2011

Download Here >>> Maukkha-Educational-Magazine-No-6-May-2011

A Man-Tree & Others Super Natural Stories

Download Here >>> Lu-Thit-Pin-Others-Super-Natural-Stories

Rih Dil- A Lake that Lures (By: C. Lalsiamthanga)

Download Here >>> Rih-Dil-A-Lake-that-Lures

Weekly Eleven-Vol-8-No-7-Nov-21-2012

Download Here >>> Weekly-Eleven-Vol-8-No-7-Nov-21-2012

About General Aung San on Education (Text Book)

Download Here >>> About-General-Aung-San-on-Education-Text-Book